Super B – 2kWh Portable Lithium Power Supply Unit

Energy Batteries

Super B Portable Lithium Power Supply Unit suitable for any outdoor or indoor application, where silent and emission free operation is desired or required.

The unit features dual 120V output capable of providing constant output of 15A and single input for charging from the mains. It also comes equipped with solar controller unit for the convenience of topping the unit up with a solar panel unit sold separately.

The unit has performed at city festivals, outdoor and beach parties, film sets, music festivals etc. Please, inquire about how our unit can power your application.

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– 2x 120V AC output receptacles

– 2.1 kWh Lithium Battery (LiFePO4)

– 120V 7A Charge Input

– 150V 25A max. DC solar charge input

– choice of suitable coasters for easy transportation and manipulation

– pure sinewave inverter output

– built in GFCI protection

Technical specifications

Part Number
Capacity at 20˚C2.1kWh
Capacity at -20˚C
Discharge Current15A AC
Charge Current7A AC + 25A DC Solar
Cycle Life
Nominal Voltage120V 60Hz
Weight90kg / 200lbs