KISAE 3000W Power Inverter


The KISAE MW1230HW 3000W Power Inverter is able to convert 12V battery power to 120V household AC power. Ideal for running household electronics in your car, boat, or RV.

Applications include:

  • Run your household appliances in your truck, boat or RV
  • Premium power sinewave inverters (SW series)
  • Powerful and economical modified sinewave inverters (MW series)
  • Exacting quality in compact sizes
  • Ideal for cars, boats, trucks, and RV’s

The KISAE MW1230HW 3000W Power Inverter is part of the Modified Sine-wave Series. The power inverter will produce electrically produced stepped waveforms. This will allow it to work well with several common applications where load sensitivity is not a factor. This type of inverter is one of the most common found in the market due to its low cost and usability. Available power levels range from 400W to 3000W

Modified sine wave power inverters are a great alternative to true sine wave inverters. They allow you to keep costs down and ensure you are able to handle the needed power loads.

Kisae’s modified sine wave technology features unique surge technology that is able to deliver a power boost on start-up sufficient to start the most demanding of loads when converting from 12V to 120V.

Inverters include dual AC outlet sockets with higher output models incorporating dual GFCI outlets as standard equipment on 120VAC models.

Key features and Benefits include :

  • Designed for rugged environments
  • Unique surge technology resulting in power boost on start up
  • Built-in LED displays to provide battery status, load measurement, and error information
  • Sinewave inverter chargers feature low battery discharge. They also feature overload and and over-temperature shutdown features ensuring inverter does not overheat or exceed its rated capacity
  • Tested and approved to meet cETLus regulatory standards for North America
  • inverter-chargers come with the appropriate AC output socket required in your country.



  • Run your household appliances in your boat or vehicle
  • Choose between economical modified sinewave and premium sinewave output
  • SWXFR series intergrated transfer switch allows you to switch seamlessly from shore power to battery power
  • Ideal for running microwave ovens, power tools, electronics items and more

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  • Regulated output
  • Low battery shutdown to prevent total battery discharge
  • Detachable display for battery status and load measurement Over temperature shutdown
  • Mounting brackets and high quality DC connectors make installation simple
  • 3000W continuous output and 6000W surge ensures you can operate all the comforts of home
  • All models designed to be hard-wired using terminal strip
  • USB port for charging USB devices
  • Approved to UL, CSA and European Regulatory Standards

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