KISAE Home Solar Generator Kit 1800


KISAE Home solar kit is a reliable solar-powered rechargeable power generator for your home, cabin, or campsite. The home solar kit will provide you with an easy to use, comprehensive design to generate your own power.

  • confidence of never running out of power
  • indefinite battery recharge capability
  • no fuel requirements
  • completely safe for indoor use
  • completely silent operation with no fumes
  • add a backup for grid-tie systems
  • simple plug and play system
  • USB port (400,800 models) for charging handheld device

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• AC household power available from the AC outlets to operate home appliances, power tools, and home electronics

• combine all models with solar panels (included with 1800 model) to recharge from the sun or recharge the home solar products from the wall with the built-in AC charger

• each model contains a built-in battery; the Home Solar 1800 contains a 60Ah battery and additional auxiliary battery boxes can be purchased separately to expend run times

Technical specifications

Part NumberHSK1800
Output Continuous Power1800 W
Output Peak Power (5s)3600 W
AC Output120 VAC / 60 Hz
WaveformModified Sine-wave
AC Input90 - 132 VAC / 60 Hz
DC Input12V 60Ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid
Charger Output5A 3-stage from AC, 8A 26V max from Solar
Charging Battery TypeLead Acid
Efficiency (INV / CH)90 / N/A %

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