KISAE 2000W/55A Inverter Charger


The Kisae IC122055 2000W/55A Inverter Charger is a pure sine wave inverter with a smart battery charger. It includes KISAE’s ┬árenowned true sinewave inverter technology with smart battery charging technologies.

  • Run your household appliances in your truck, boat or RV
  • Premium sinewave output to run motor loads and sensitive electronics
  • Multi-stage charging will charge your deep cycle batteries quickly and efficiently.
  • Integrated transfer switch allows you to switch seamlessly from shore power to battery power

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  • Regulated output
  • Automatic AC load sensing to prevent tripping the shore power breaker
  • Low battery shutdown to prevent total battery discharge
  • GFCI outlets for safe operation
  • Built in LED display for battery status and load measurement
  • Silent operation
  • Over temperature shutdown
  • Detachable digital display
  • High frequency design results in compact sizes for easy storage
  • USB port for charging USB devices

Technical specifications

Part NumberIC122055
Output Continuous Power2000 W
Output Peak Power (5s)4000 W
AC Output120 VAC / 60 Hz / 16.6 A
WaveformPure Sine-wave
AC Input90 - 132 VAC / 60 Hz
DC Input10.5 - 15.5 VDC / 180 A
Charger Output14.2 - 15.5 VDC / 55 A
Charging Battery TypeGel, Flooded, AGM, Lithium Ion
Efficiency (INV / CH)90 / >80 %

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