Foxpower Beta MAX


The Beta/Zetta Max lineup are multifunction inverters that offer uninterruptible power support in a single package. The LCD display offers user-configurable operations such as battery charging current, and AC or solar charging priority.

Extended Lithium BMS Support

Beta MAX models offer built-in BMS com port
for Pylonthch/ Weco/ Soltaro Lithium BMS
systems; BMS allows inverters to communicate
accurately with battery and settings will
automatically be programmed.


• Battery Optional (✽)
• Dual MPPT Input (8kW&10kW only)
• Parallel Up to 6 units (✽ ✽)
• Integrated WI-FI
• High PV Input 500V (VOC)
• Lithium BMS Supports
• Internal Datalogger
• 150A MAX Charging Current
• Configurable AC/PV Output Usage Timer and Prioritization (TOU)
• Compatible to Utility Mains or Generator Input
• Built-in DC Output for DC fan, LED bulbs, Router and so on.

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Technical specifications

Part NumberFoxpower MAX
Output Continuous Power5kw / 6kw / 8kw / 10kw
Output Peak Power (5s)6000W
AC Output5.6kw / 6kw / 8kw / 10kw
WaveformPure sine wave
AC Input
DC Input
Charger Output
Charging Battery Type
Efficiency (INV / CH)93%

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