Cristec HPower Battery Chargers


Cristec HPower Battery Chargers are assured of unrivalled efficiency, ruggedness, flexibility and battery life increase. This new generation of battery chargers replaces very popular CPS3 range. Available models are : 12V/90A, 24V/45A, 24V/60A, 24V/80A, 24V/100A.

With CRISTEC HPOWER battery chargers you are assured of unrivalled efficiency, ruggedness, flexibility and battery life increase. Fully AC universal equipped and suitable for every type of battery including Li-Ion, they operate at full power up to 50°C without derating.
Internal circuit boards have been specially designed and coated to withstand to adverse environment : heat, humidity and salt air.

A CAN BUS interface is available as well as temperature compensation and remote touch-screen control panel.


  • 5-stage charging profile to ensure fast and complete charging, power-supply mode available
  • Full power up to +50°C ambient with no derating allowing rated charge for intensive use in hot or confined place
  • 3 isolated battery banks, with no current limitation
  • Suitable for all battery types : flooded, Lead-sealed, Calcium-Lead, AGM, gel, Lithium, etc.
  • Increased battery life


  • 90-265VAC/47-65Hz auto-ranging
  • Rated operation regardless the available AC voltage including from a genset
  • Memory function : in case of unstable AC network the charger will not reset to prevent battery overcharging
  • Best in class protection : removable fuses and varistor, coated circuit board for marine environment, automatic burn-in test
  • UL-1236 and CSA 22.2-107.2 standards compliant (pending)


  • Lightweight rugged Aluminium casing with special coating for marine environment
  • Optimal accessibility : specific secured connection compartment
  • Readability comfort Dedicated LEDs and icons on the front


HPOWER AC-DC battery chargers adapt to different markets and applications:

  • Professional marine : naval, service boat, fishing boat, passenger boat, tug, barge, barge, lighthouse and beacon.
  • Recreational marine : yachting, sailing boat, motor boat, electric boat, catamaran, speedboat, etc.
  • Mobile :
    • Emergency vehicles : firemen, ambulance, rescue, depollution, etc.
    • Recreational vehicles : motorhome, golf course, etc.
    • Special vehicles : surveillance, transport of animals, Van, public works etc.
  • Industry : automated cleaning, on-board camera, recognition robots, telecommunications, etc.
  • Wind-powered : landsites
  • Solar : isolated sites

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