Date: July 4, 2014

B.C. Ferries has been seeking to improve the fuel efficiency of its assets. This has included traditional approaches to the problem such as improved hull and propeller design, new engine and power generation, and more efficient hull coating. All of these approaches were to be incorporated into a life extension project for one its smaller ferries, the 30 car M.V. Tachek.

The refit includes a new ship service power generation system comprising of:

2 x variable speed generators driven through power take offs (PTO) from each gearbox; driven by the main engines, the output varies with engine RPM, from 80 – 120kW;

200 kW*hr battery system comprising of 54 lithium iron phosphate batteries.  This system supplements the PTO generators to supply peak demand situations such as when the bow thruster is operated; otherwise the system can charge during off peak periods.

The Super B batteries can be placed anywhere in the vessel and therefore can be installed at the most optimum position. This includes stacking them up quite high. The benefits are reduced hydrodynamic losses, noise and vibration as well as increased manoeuvrability and greater efficiency.

Battery integration in solutions for Marine applications presents specific challenges. Super B shows that a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery bank can be successfully integrated into an existing marine environment by using a real life installation of a battery bank for hybrid drive in their factory.

This plug and play easy installation will show all aspects and pitfalls encountered to the integration staff involved and a solution will be provided. To reach an optimum with such installation every phase of the installation will be monitored e.g. batteries, cables and drive.  A technology crossover of this kind will produce inherent advantages and eases integration on board.

Super B’s in-house design, development and manufacturing facilities are brand new and state of the art. No other branded lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturer can offer you such a comprehensive in-house development, manufacturing and training program.

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